AIA Santa Fe Honor Award for Zuni Housing

Atkin Olshin Schade Architects was presented the AIA Santa Fe Honor Award for our recent work on the Zuni Housing Needs Assessment project. The juried design awards of AIA Santa Fe recognized the project along with two other outstanding design projects throughout the state. This project fulfilled a longstanding need for the Zuni Tribe to have a flexible and simple system for gathering and maintaining data on housing quality across the reservation. Information gathered, now easily updatable in a mobile app, is enabling the Zuni Housing Authority to better understand living conditions and overcrowding, plan for needed repairs and additional housing, and advocate for funding to complete work that serve families in need. The process has begun the reformation of housing assistance from one relying on federal reactive practices to a self-determined pro-active approach that seeks to improve living conditions for all tribal members. This project expands the traditional services of an architect to the strategic deployment of technology to reform standard housing policies not suitable to the tribe and to enable self-determined planning. We are excited to be part of an innovative project that can make a profound difference in the health and well-being of communities.


Design Jury Comments:

“The most innovative of the projects and highly deserving of recognition: this truly innovative design for a mobile computing app and database on living conditions for the Zuni tribe utilizes skills architects have to improve lives. This project demonstrates that architecture can be about design thinking, smart technology and collaboration, not just about aesthetics. This project gives self-sufficiency and self- determination to members of the tribe.”