Preservation Work at the Academy of Music

A recent article by the Philadelphia Inquirer highlights our work to install preventative safety measures for the Academy. In a collaborative decision made by AOS Architects, Keast & Hood, and Building Conservation Associates, netting has been wrapped around the balcony of the Broad Street façade to prevent structural failure and protect the public from falling debris. The netting will continue to be installed over the balcony on Locust Street and will stay in place until the Academy moves forward with a larger weather-sealing restoration project.

The project includes brick repointing, repairs and recoating of the perimeter metal cornice, repairs of the decorative brownstone trims and balconies, and replacement of the flat seam lead coated copper roof. New lighting will be added to the Broad Street and Locust Street facades.

AOS Architects has completed several renovations and restorations throughout the Academy’s long history, including renovation of the balcony level restrooms, restoration of the north façade along Locust Street, and restoration of the 60’ long parapet along Broad Street.