Temple Adath Israel Receives CODA Merit Award

We are pleased to announce that Paul Housberg and his glass art installation at Temple Adath Israel received a CODA Merit Award. The CODA Awards recognize the best work demonstrating successful integration of commissioned art into interior, architectural, and public spaces. We collaborated with Paul during the design of renovations to the sanctuary. Paul was commissioned to create two backlit art glass screens on either side of the new Ark. These screens were designed to infuse the space with new energy, while referencing Jewish symbolism and the synagogue’s history.

The renovated space opened last fall, on the first day of Rosh Hashanah 5775, with a dedication by Rabbi Yanoff in which he spoke about the challenges and opportunities that come with any dramatic change, and how every aspect of the renovation had been considered according to Jewish symbolism. In his sermon, Rabbi Yanoff eloquently summarized the result of our collaboration: “The blue glass, like the blue fringe on a tallit [a Jewish prayer shawl], is intended to reflect both the water… and the heavens. That’s why the blues fade away, intended to draw our eyes upward, heavenward.”

To read more about the awards and Paul’s installation please click here.