Pueblo of Isleta St. Augustine Church Project Breaks Ground

We recently participated in a groundbreaking ceremony at the Pueblo of Isleta where we have been designing the restoration and expansion of the church school. The St. Augustine Mission Church was constructed in the early eighteenth century following the Pueblo Revolt and is one of the most significant religious buildings in the American Southwest. The church was beautifully restored a few years ago. The Pueblo is expanding their stewardship to include the historic school buildings constructed nearby in the late 1800s. We began work with the Pueblo of Isleta three years ago and collaborated with the tribe's cultural and church committees to develop an approach that preserves the historic school facing the plaza and provides six new classrooms for religious education. Several of the classrooms will be able to be opened up to form a large parish hall that fronts a new courtyard between the addition and the historic church. Construction is progressing rapidly by Longhorn Construction and Crocker, Ltd.